a piece of mind

To love someone is to accept

To accept is to let in

Letting in is to be a part

And that’s how it all begin

Time is of the essence

And the years we’ve spent together

Brought us to a point

That we are fragments of each other

You’re my earth and my sky

You’re a miracle that happened

You’re a passion so sweet

That I refuse to admit you’re absent

Though, I took you for granted

Assumed that you’re always there

That you’ll be by my side

Every time, every where

Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming

An endless nightmare of you

But yet I don’t want to wake up

For scared to accept the truth

For all that I’m asking

Is a chance to right the wrong

But you’re gone, you won’t come back

And I’m stranded…all alone

I miss you deeply

You’ll always be in my heart

And you’ll be there forever

Till I and the world depart

Sorry, I did not mean to trouble

To hurt or to offend

I know it’s time to leave

So good bye, this is the end

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