life keeps on turning

there were times when i feel like i just want to give up, especially on recent events happening…the things i went through, the friends i’ve lost…a few other things. however, i realized i still have to live, therefore i have to move on whether i like the situation or not. so to the afore mentioned  people and whoever associated, this is the perfect song about me and how i feel. i’m turning a new leaf! thanks for the memories but now i’m ready to create new ones.

by the way i’m not sure if this is the real video clip but this is the only one i found ;)

Life Keeps On Turning

by Mocca

We’ve come to the final story
All of it has passed behind me
With my smile and now I’m ready
For my next step again

I know I can’t drown forever
I’ve got a life that I have to deal with
I believe that life keeps on turning
And I’m here just to wait and sing
Yes, I’m here just to wait and sing..

Loosing you is not the end of the world
But it’s true that it definitely hurts
That it definitely hurts!

When I wake up in the morning
One smile wipes away my yearning
A message has come arriving
Secret admirer strikes again
And this life keeps on turning

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  1. glad to see that u have changed a lot n ur enjoying a better life..donno what went wrong wit us, but hope u have a nice life ahead..

    • thanks…a bit peculiar to see a comment to an old post. but you picked the right one i guess 😉

      i hope your life turns out well too. and things flow smoothly~

      maybe 1 day we’ll hang out with each other again…till then, take care

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