these are the two mess-makers that i’m looking after, my niece, aisya tasneem, age 1 and my nephew, muhammad adam, age 3. taking care of toddlers is not an easy job, especially ones who dont really know how to stay still for more than a few minutes. they can make your life a living hell when they “tag-team” together…but then again they are just toddlers 😉 plus, i;ve been looking after them every holiday ever since they were a few days old, so maybe it’s not as bad as it seems.

i am having a break from taking care of them this weekend because they went to visit their parents in kl. i really appreciate the peace and the free time i have in hand for myself, but i cant deny i…i do miss them.

oh well…they’ll be back soon, so might as well i cherish all the free time i have left and do all things that need to be done before they come back and give me a hand full.

btw, if you look at the pictures carefully, you’d realize that aisya knows how to pose in pics more as compared to her big brother…maybe it’s genetics…but being a cam-whore runs in the family ;p

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  1. ala…so cute…can i squeeze their cheek?

    • eh…menyebok jek nak cubit pipi deorg…find your own anak buah ;p

  2. mcam makcik dea . hahaha

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