malaysian super hero

i’ve recently watch the movie cicakman 2: planet hitam (or as translated, the black planet). it is not that often that i’d watch a malay movie but i support the creativity of creating a malaysian superhero. i’m not gonna touch about the movie per say. i understand that we are new to the CGI thing and that 80% of the movie is digitalized…we have a lot to work on. but what i am interested in is the idea of our own superhero.

due to the influence of the telly, children nowadays always looked up to superheroes from the west, such as superman, batman, wonder woman, etc. i have to admit i too was once influenced by the power rangers, wanting to grow up and be all “american” because super heroes and really bad guys only exist there. doing good and fighting crimes, living in their culture…it was like so cool. wondering around with a pink power rangers mask on my face and beaming proudly. looking back, and at the kids nowadays, with the harry potter influence and all, wouldn’t it be nicer if our kids are proud to be a malaysian superhero? living our cullture? maybe it is time that we take the initiative to create our own superhero that our kids would be proud of.

i understand that we are still new in the comic superhero department but i hope that one day our cicakman here would have a whole “superhero” thing going. for example, a strong story of his past that makes him the superhero that he is, his virtues…because i dont think cicakman has all that yet. i understand, like spiderman who got bitten, this guy swallowed a lab lizard which gave him super powers…but what makes him want to fight crime…what’s his story???

oh well…there’s a lot more time to work on it…again i say we are new to all this super hero business. owh…and may there be more asian super heroes…i dont want this idea to die just here.

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  1. if we want to put more CGI and same like hollywood done,it may not happens sooner…coz our film producer still cant afford to do so…so for us,we have to support them until the time they able to be at par like hollywood…nope,we t not new to superhero…we have our own b4 cicakman,that was long time ago…he is Kluang Man…but it was in cartoon

  2. Kluang Man’s nice. But tamil movies have the best heroes. Ever.

    • tamil heroes??? they have super heroes too???

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