school starts today!

it’s the 5th of January and school starts today. my little brother’s in form 3 this year and will be facing PMR…seriously, good luck to him.

he’s the only one in this house who has to go to school…but the chaos sounds three times more. why is that??? as usual, the last minute sowing of name tag and badge,misplaced items like the other pair of sock or a notebook…and because this year, he’s in the morning period. so what’s the fuss about?? it has been a very long holiday and during that time, he woke up at noon nearly every day…so how do you expect him to wake up at 6.30 am and stay up all through school??

my parents tried to make an effort to wake him up early for a whole week prior to today and made him stay up until school’s suppose to end. the first few days was hard…he succumb by 10. but eventually it became better…though he did woke up a bit 8.30 or 9. but then it was a start.

however, he pulled through today. my dad woke him up at 6.15am…which as usual he’ll wake up 15 minutes later. and i assume he stayed awake at school…maybe with the exception of history classes (because i have to admit even i slept in this class during my time…in my defense it was kinda boring~) but he came home beat.

oh well…it’s just the 1st day…he’ll get used to it.

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