happy birthday ma!! here’s a cupcake~

it’s my mom’s 57th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! i told her there’s no need to cook today so my dad bought lunch and she can pick the menu for dinner. we had nasi ayam basser…bought all the way from kota tinggi ;p

for her birthday, i decided to make cupcakes. it’s just a simple one. i linked the site that i took the recipe from. you can find it under my links name cupcakes. it’s seriously not that hard to make. only a few things…dunk them in a mixer and done. the only thing is to wait while it cooks. i tried putting them in tiny cups and made mini cupcakes…it took lesser time to cook and it’s bite-size and really cute. planning to make them for raya 😉

since this was my first attempt at making them…it didn’t quite turn out how i wanted it to be. i thought i wanted to make the cake moist rather than spongy but it turns out it’s a bit harder than expected – yes for a first try i had a very high expectation. however it wasn’t such a let down. it taste good. my niece and nephew loved it.

next time, i’m gonna try and make chocolate raspberry cupcakes…and i’ll try and make it moist.i have pictures but i don’t know how to transfer it from my mom’s phone yet. no cable.

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