harry potter

oh i dont know how many people have already said this but the Harry Potter series can never grow old. i’ve been mia these past few days because i’ve been rereading the whole series from Philosopher’s Stone till the Deathly Hallows.

it still astounds me how every time i read it, even though i already know what happens next or even memorize some of the lines, that i couldn’t put the book down even for a second. i ended up staying till the wee hours in the morning trying to read as much as i can before i really need to go to sleep…as usual.

while i was rereading the books, i came to realize how yellow the pages have turned. it has been so long since the harry potter series have been out…makes me feel old. and that most of the books that i own are first editions. it just comes to show that i am yet another harry fanatic.

i am such a fan that i wrote my thesis for my english paper on the books and how it influences our generation…Harry Potter and The Real World. it managed to scrape me an A-. not so bad eh? ;p

to all harry fans out there…no matter what your age, do not be ashamed to let out your inner-childness once in a while because in my opinion, harry potter is not just some children’s story book…heck, in my years, i dont even remember having a children’s story book that’s 600 pages long. the harry potter series are one of the rare compilation that grows up with the children. it reaches out to the young ones…and the young at heart 😉

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