just because…

1. i haven’t update this for ages
2. i have nothing to do
3. i do have something to do but procrastinating
4. math is not a temptress
5. i’ve done everything else except this

above are the reasons why i wrote this post…

yes, i am that bored. i havent been updating much lately because i haven’t done anything much lately except go to class, eat and sleep. it is currently exam week…therefore the more reason to update, even if i have nothing much to say.

owh, but there is update about cooking. i did tuna pasta for my friends here and believe it or not..they actually loved it~!! it’s something i learned from my sister and darn easy even a 10 year old can do it, but for fish lovers, it taste real nice. i will take pics the next time i make it and will also include the how-to.

ok then…back to the books i go~ wish me luck people…i need all the luck i can get!

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