my current songlist

there’s like 2 songs in here…the 1st one is called bintang and the 2nd title is nikmat sementara. i rarely listen to malay songs because most main stream songs (which are the only malay songs that i listen to once in a blue moon) tend to be soppy love songs but if you search for the lyrics for these 2 songs, you’ll find that it’s nothing to do about those shallow-over-rated love but something much more deeper.

i got introduced to this malaysian indie band by a friend. the 1st time i listened to them i thought they weren’t so bad, and the music was quite catchy. i started to really love listening to them when i heard 1 of their song that’s soon-to-be released-on-the-radio – (yes, i know people who knows people and got it…so what ;p). i cant reveal much about the song because it”s not properly out yet but what i can say is i was hooked. so i googled them up and the lyrics and i found out that they are not just some 4-piece band who sings yet another love song.

the band’s name is statik and i also recently found out that they are quite well off in the indie/underground scene. they have quite a few fans now, which makes me appreciate malaysians and how they support our entertainment industry. i hope this band could make it all the way and that you’ll enjoy their songs as much as i do 😉

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