“sweet” memory

when i say sweet memories, i really do mean sweet~

when i say sweet memories, i really do mean sweet~

when i was in school, i used to be close to this particular person. not in a sense hanging out all the time or best buddies…we were close in our own way. you can say we were from the same clique of friends, so there were outings and such. so every time i met this person, i’d ask for something sweet, in particular chocolate because we’re kinda chocoholics…and he’d give me. i even remembered once i bullied him and made him sent them to my doorsteps..(yeah i was a bit mean…but he didn’t mind much, i think ;p)

however, as time passes and i moved school, we weren’t so close anymore. we still kept in touch and talk once in a while but things were just not the same. there was 1 point of a time where we had no contact whatsoever for nearly a year, a period of time where i assumed he vanished (at which he really did).

however,a twist of fate, and somehow we got close again. it was not like before…but hey, just take whatever you get and be grateful~ and i was…but yet another twist of fate brought us much closer now…and to commemorate this event, he gave me something he hasn’t given me for the past 5 years…candy bars!! i know it may be corny to some but to me, it is a very meaningful gesture…

this might just be a sign that things are going back as they were…or maybe something better???

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