indiefest at kl tower


saturday, 4th july 2009, an event was held at the kl tower prior to some malaysia’s music festival that was going on. i have to admit that this was my first time attending such an event. not that i don’t support our local artist, just that was never quite into these type of music. however my first experience attending this event was a blast. ok so i cheated, i didn’t really bought a ticket. i came along with statik and i took one of their backstage passes (therefore the pic above). so…i was able to stand right next to the stage, met all our local talents up close and i didn’t have to mix in with the crowd. the event started some time in the afternoon/late morning and ended close to midnight. there were a lot of bands that performed that day. i can only remember a few, statik (of course), laila’s, skudap skudip, orang, komplot, the couples, the times, bunkface, and acab.

that saturday was also the day that i first saw my chenta hati play the guitar.i never even knew he played the guitar 10 years ago when i knew him or when i started to like him. when i eventually got to know, didn’t even knew he played in a band or even had a band…at least not until 2 years back. anyway while they were performing on stage, i was standing somewhere in between the stage and the crowd. that was when i found out that they are…urm…how do i put it, not famous…but noticable. why do i say this? well when haziq started to sing bintang and nikmat sementara, his voice was drowned out by the crowd since they were singing along. i’m really proud of their achievements…

so here are some pics that i could get that day:



and of chenta hati with his baby…lassy ;p

6248_97787904853_847269853_1871387_5815571_nwell…that’s his baby in his arms. i’m just no.2 *sigh*

l_d5f367a65f3c4a5fa2b618e337779f4bi call this being possessed. i actually half-expected him to run to the crowd and body surf ;p

it was tiring but fun… thanks sayang for bringing me along and staying beside me most of the time.

i love you… 😉

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