money talks

have you listened to the poetic emmo song “monay monay”?? well what they say is true. money does make the world go round. nowadays, we need money for almost everything…even friends. why do i say this? when you have money, you have more friends. but when you run out of money…when you need people to pay back the loan they owe you or when you want to borrow money…somehow all these people vanish into thin air… (yes somehow that’s manageable).

another saying goes, “no money, no talk”. i’ve seen this first hand. girls going out with man that they can call their father/grandfather for that matter. just because these old geezers have money to spend on them, they lower their values  and standards and flirt like there’s no tomorrow. letting them haggards take advantage just for a quick buck is just too low in my books…

in my opinion…the world has gone to the dogs. somehow we need to correct it but there’s only a little that we can do about it. my word of advise, spend only on what you need, seldom on what you want and plan your spendings wisely – this coming from somebody who’s taking business finance…but having money problems herself. oh glorious food!! how you are such a temptress ;p

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