how do you know the decisions you make is the right ones?

how sure are you that the choices you have are the only ones possible?

how to know beforehand that you wont regret the actions and decisions that you take now?

i’ll give an analogy of a simple everyday life dilemma…

you’re presented with desserts after a heavy meal. would you take the apple pie or the chocolate cake? they are both your favorite and they look scrumptious but other than that, they are different in every aspect. you only have room for 1. which would you pick? based on what reasons do you make the decision?

another question that i would like to pose is how do you know that what you are doing now is what you would do in the future?

how do u know what you would want in the future?

people change all the time albeit only a little. it is something that proves time is moving forward. yes we do plan for the future, but in so many accounts the future ended up to be something other than what we expected. what to do then?

i do really need input on this one…so please give response…

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