Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

i’ve been meaning to write this since the movie released but a lot happened in between and i got busy. however now that i have the time, might as well i get this over and done with.


went to watch Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. i have to say that as a movie it is quite entertaining, but as a book adaptation, they let me down in so many ways. i understand that out of all the books, this would be the thickest, therefore there would be a slight change in the movie. however, i was a bit disappointed when the movie is focused more on the romance part rather than the action. the trailer however looks cool, which was one of the reasons why i exceeded my expectations on the movie.

sayang said that maybe the reason why i expected so much is because i’ve read the book and had my own version of how it goes, and when the real movie did not go as what i envisioned, i was disappointed. it is fairly true, but then again, i didn’t imagine the movie to be so bleak either, with no fighting scenes whatsoever. it didn’t catch the panic feeling of having death eaters roaming free or how desperate everyone is nor the sad and despair feeling of having Albus Dombledore dead. i recall when i was reading that book last time, i cried in the end even worst than i did when Cedric Diggory died. at least the movie Harry Potter and The Triwizard Cup did justice to the book.

i hope the last movie won’t be like this one. for that movie i would know there won’t be much fighting scenes since the book itself focuses on explaining the whys and hows. i heard rumors however that they are going to change Daniel Radcliffe or have another Harry Potter or something like that…is it true? or are they just gonna find the grown up version of Harry? i suggest just used the person who plays his father and make him wear contacts since they supposedly look the same except for his eyes ;p

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  1. alyn once wrote a comment on my blog when i diss twilight movie..

    movie producers of book adaptations just don’t care how the movie comes out because they know the book oredy haf their fans and it’s their easy way to make bucketloads of money

    • true to that…latest star trek movie was like that too…but then at least that movie had cuties in them ;p

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