emotional stress

today was my first time sending chenta hati all the way to the bus door and waiting till the bus moves (never did it before because i didn’t have the will power ;p). oh by the way chenta hati came all the way to kl to visit me – thanks so much sayang~ he’s probably now half way back already. started to miss him since he stepped into the effing bus that i felt like bombing it (after chenta hati gets out of it of course)…haha ;p

anyway now that chenta hati went back and took away my spirit with him,  i’ve gotta concentrate harder on the books since it’s my midterm week. got a paper tonight and tomorrow night. and another on saturday morning. plus all the assignments due this week adds up to my stress level. sometimes i feel like i’m tired of studying…at times i just wanna give up!

nevertheless i am still able to think logically and i just need to finish up 2 more effing years before i get to do whatever i want. plus chenta hati promised me that’s he’s moving here soon…so maybe things wont be too bad after this.

i just have to bear with this for a while…ajha~!!

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  1. Good Luck for mid term babe…
    don’t stress..
    i know u can..
    cheer up k..

    • thanks…
      sorry if this seems rude but i cant figure out the initials…
      who’s s.a?

  2. tgk my email..
    u akn tau..
    cek my email babe..
    smp hati u..

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