bread pudding

today is the 1st day of puasa. currently i am at my aunt’s place in damansara with nothing to do. so me and my cousin decided to plan for buka puasa since it’s already noon. we don’t know what my aunt would want for the main course so we made the dessert 1st…bread pudding~



we didn’t have raisins or sultanas so we substitute it with apples. it’s not that hard to do and it doesn’t use that much ingredients too. now that it’s done and we’re waiting for it to cook, it’s time to decide for the main course… sigh~

hope there’s not too much bread in the bread pudding… coz it’ll get a bit too hard and not moist as how i’d like it 😉

anyway this is a blurry pic of the main course at which i helped cook…a whole full meal course.. x help but to take at least a pic of it 😉 took this pic when dah nak buke puasa. x larat dah nak amek gamba ;p


kari ayam nih~


kari ayam, sayur goreng and kuey teow goreng…nyum2~

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  1. dear shahirah mahther.

    i’ve lost ur number.(easy way-out right?:-))

    happy belated birtday.may ALLAH grant you jannah.

    its easy to know people.its hard to keep knowing them.

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