planning ahead

sometimes you just cant help but make plans. example, like when you’re overly exited that someone special to you is near, it is most logical to have a rough plan to meet up, or maybe you subconsciously make plans to meet up. you realize that the person would probably be busy. but then again the person would eventually need a break or at least need to eat. so you make sure that you cancel your plans and made sure your whole day’s available just in case an opportunity arrives where you can steal the person for half an hour or so. i mean, you wouldn’t want to bother the person or be in the way, so you are open to any possibility, anywhere at any time. all you need is just to have a heads up of what the person will be doing or where the person will be.

so is it so hard for that particular person to just ask politely of plans for the day? rather than saying “i don’t know cause…thing is i’m following them”, couldn’t the person just ask where might they head to or at least something? i mean,again, you are open to any possibility, anytime anywhere…but no…countless times, again and again, you’ve hoped and anticipated…you kept wait…to no avail. just because it’s hard for the person to just ask a simple question… questions like “so where to next?” or “so where are we heading?”, or better yet “so what’s the plan?”

and now? now i’m tired of being the one who’s overly exited an anticipating over any situations, be it major ones or trivials, because in the end, even if you’ve done all you can to make it work, nothing will happen if there’s no cooperation. makes me think that probably the other person is not as exited to see you. it takes 2 to tango…now i understands what it means

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and it all began with irc…

i have a lot to say but i can’t put it in words to utter…so i’m writing it all out in hopes that what i feel could be expressed as it is. you say that sometimes i start a story way too far in the beginning. it even irritates you at times. but i feel like it is the beginning that makes the ending beautiful. so i’ll start there.

some may not remember it…heck, by the time i tell this to my grand kids it might not even exist anymore. but during our school days there was a thing called IRC chat rooms where we kids used to “hang out” after school till way past bedtime. and it was there that we “met”. i don’t even remember how we were introduced. i just feel like you’ve been in my life since forever.

all i remember is i know i liked you when we met face to face. at that time you had the “devon sawa hair” that i adored so much ( i mean he was the teenage heart throb during those days). alas, you were one fellow that is hard to read. you treated me differently than the others. you were stern yet kind, distant yet accessible. admittedly i was stupid and naive then to read the signs.

from then on you were always there during my thick or thin be it in person or not. you were there when i needed a boost, a shoulder to lean on or when i needed an ear to listen…a good friend. but still i never realized how important you were. it took me 10 years and a few ups and downs (more downs than ups actually) to realize how you’ve evolved in my life.

so this is me trying to show you my deep gratitude, for being patient with all my irritating behavior, for standing my quirky habits,for accepting me as i am…good and bad, and most of all for waiting patiently for me to realize all this. thank you for being in my life all these years.

since we don’t really have a proper date to pick as an anniversary, i thought the time when we both realized that we mean more to each other than we lead on would be the perfect date. and what a coincidence that it happened when we were chatting on YM. so from this moment on, May would be our month (besides September) and May 22nd would be our day.

so here’s to us…to the person who affects me the most, my crayzee alien monkey, my chenta hati and most of all, my bestest friend. may all our plans of the future come true and may this spark never die.

happy anniversary…i love you so damn much

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i want a lomo!!!

i want a diana F with instant back!!! tak cam comel plak laa kan camera tuh…geram jek aku nengok

tak pon kan…kalaw lah tetibe tersepak duet satu guni…aku nak lubitel. jamie laa nih yg tunjok lubitel. gile cool seyy!!!

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