planning ahead

sometimes you just cant help but make plans. example, like when you’re overly exited that someone special to you is near, it is most logical to have a rough plan to meet up, or maybe you subconsciously make plans to meet up. you realize that the person would probably be busy. but then again the person would eventually need a break or at least need to eat. so you make sure that you cancel your plans and made sure your whole day’s available just in case an opportunity arrives where you can steal the person for half an hour or so. i mean, you wouldn’t want to bother the person or be in the way, so you are open to any possibility, anywhere at any time. all you need is just to have a heads up of what the person will be doing or where the person will be.

so is it so hard for that particular person to just ask politely of plans for the day? rather than saying “i don’t know cause…thing is i’m following them”, couldn’t the person just ask where might they head to or at least something? i mean,again, you are open to any possibility, anytime anywhere…but no…countless times, again and again, you’ve hoped and anticipated…you kept wait…to no avail. just because it’s hard for the person to just ask a simple question… questions like “so where to next?” or “so where are we heading?”, or better yet “so what’s the plan?”

and now? now i’m tired of being the one who’s overly exited an anticipating over any situations, be it major ones or trivials, because in the end, even if you’ve done all you can to make it work, nothing will happen if there’s no cooperation. makes me think that probably the other person is not as exited to see you. it takes 2 to tango…now i understands what it means

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cant have too much fun

don’t feel like writing. don’t really have the mood. just arrived in jb at 6 in the morning by train…breaking of the dawn. was with my brother and cuzzie. met chenta hati that evening, and az came for a sleepover.

went out to dinner at warong saga when my mom decided to bring the 2 siblings of destruction to their “playground” which translates to danga bay. i think i lost my phone while we were playing bumper cars. maybe it flew off or something.

so now i’m phone-less and damn sad. a lot of memories is stored in that phone and i cant get it back…sigh~

i blame me for having too much fun in a day 😦

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emotional stress

today was my first time sending chenta hati all the way to the bus door and waiting till the bus moves (never did it before because i didn’t have the will power ;p). oh by the way chenta hati came all the way to kl to visit me – thanks so much sayang~ he’s probably now half way back already. started to miss him since he stepped into the effing bus that i felt like bombing it (after chenta hati gets out of it of course)…haha ;p

anyway now that chenta hati went back and took away my spirit with him,  i’ve gotta concentrate harder on the books since it’s my midterm week. got a paper tonight and tomorrow night. and another on saturday morning. plus all the assignments due this week adds up to my stress level. sometimes i feel like i’m tired of studying…at times i just wanna give up!

nevertheless i am still able to think logically and i just need to finish up 2 more effing years before i get to do whatever i want. plus chenta hati promised me that’s he’s moving here soon…so maybe things wont be too bad after this.

i just have to bear with this for a while…ajha~!!

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