after all that’s said and done…

i still miss him =(

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despise me

i cried alone tonight…yet again…

again because i’ve had this type of cry before…
but it’s been a while.
a cry of a tired soul.
a cry of a helpless someone who’s bone dry of happy thoughts.

but i thought i could share it.
in telling the same story in a whole lot of different versions.
but in the end, the gist is still the same.
and even everybody’s tired of listening to it.

and i thought somebody could save me from the darkness.
a darkness that’s beginning to engulf even me.
but nobody even understands enough to lend a helping hand.
they only watched from the sides.

and so it falls,these silent tears.
tears of anguish, of pain and anger.
for being too weak,in mind and in body.
for not being able to stand up or lean against the wall.

therefore,here i lie…open, unprotected.
i loathe myself.

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