i’m a music junkie. i listen to all types of music, from oldies to pop, r&b, rock, soul, jazz to even telepopmusik. i believe music can really move people. sometimes the rhythm is in tow with your feelings or the lyrics just fit the moment. usually, when i’m stuck with anything, music can help me calm myself, pick myself up or to think. so i sometimes change my playlist to what my friends are listening. different people have different likings, so their list helps me think in different perspectives.

this page is dedicated fully to music according to whatever mood i’m looking for. so the theme will change once in a while or i will just add different themes. however, if there are any songs that you know and you want to add here, just leave a comment on the title of the song and the singer, i’ll listen and add it in the list.

uplifting songs – songs that can make you feel good

1. miss independent – neyo

2. just stand up – stand up to cancer (i figured you dont need cancer to push you to stand up for yourself)

3. rootless tree – damien rice (this is how i feel and about breaking free)

4. she got her own – neyo feat jamie foxx

5. there is life – alison krauss…i think (ost finding nemo)

6. stronger – kanye west

7. red – sara bareilles

8. my wish – rascal flats

songs i might play on my wedding day / anniversary

1. i’ll be – edwin mcCain

2. the way you look tonight – frank sinatra

3. at the beginning – richard marx & someone..hehe (ost anastasia)

4. everything – micheal buble

5. lucky – jason mraz & colbie callait

6. take me there – rascal flats

7. close to you – carpenters

8. wonderful tonight – (i’m not sure who sings this)

9. oxygen – colbie callait

10. chances are – robert downey jr & vonda shepard

11. pretty baby – vanessa carlton

12. you and me – plain white t’s

13. kiss me – sixpence non the richer

14. let me take you there – plain white t’s

15. lucky man – mocca

special songs for special moments

these are songs that reminds me of that special someone. i even have a folder in my phone dedicated to ’em. ilysdm~!

1. closer – travis

2. mencintaimu – kris dayanti

3. pretty baby – vanessa carlton

4. 1234 – plain white-t’s

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